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Group Talk

Sep 22, 2021

This month we cover the breakout book, The Other Half of The Church, which has taken the Small Group Network by storm. Join our host Nick Lenzi and guest Tommy Carreras as they help us understand how we can activate our full brain when it comes to our spiritual development inside our group. 
We learn why we tend to lean into left brain discipleship and four ingredients necessary to develop and maintain a vibrant transformational community. 
Those 4 are:
Joy - True joy found through connection and relationships
Attachment - The love of securely attached communities
Group Identity - Group identity based on the character of Christ
Healthy Correction - A culture of uplifting, healthy correction
More About Tommy Carreras:
Tommy never had any intention of being in ministry. Jesus found him at 17 and after 6 years figuring out what in the world that meant, he packed everything moved to Ventura CA with his wife, Lauren to work at Mission Church where they served for eight years. Earlier this year they moved to Tennessee to be close to family and work alongside Michael and Cathy Dye implementing and updating The Genesis Process (
Tommy is also a contributor to the Small Group Network blog and podcast.
Tommy's Website →