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Group Talk

Oct 11, 2016

Q How do you define discipleship? How do you know that people are actually being discipled through small groups? If you or anyone on your team is wrestling with these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-05-47-pmReid Smith has been equipping group leaders for effective disciple-making since 1996. He was a part of the Small Group Network from the beginning, serving as the Area Leader for the Northwest, and then South Florida in 2008 when he began serving in the discipleship ministries at Christ Fellowship church in Palm Beach, FL. Reid has served churches as a pastor, consultant, trainer, and author for such publishers as Christianity Today's and

In part 1 of this month’s “Group Talk” podcast, host Carolyn Taketa interviews Reid as he  addresses the following topics in this exciting session…

  • What are the core components of discipleship?
  • Why are small groups essential environments to cultivate discipleship?
  • What are the indicators that show people are actually being discipled through small groups?

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