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Group Talk

Sep 18, 2015

Summer is a time when is seems like everyone’s schedule gets turned upside down, making it hard for your groups to meet consistently. However, with just a little creativity and planning, the Summer months could present your groups with a unique opportunity to focus on outreach and connect with the local community in extremely effective ways

An effective outreach strategy could very well be lying right in the middle of your current groups and their relationships. In this month’s Group Talk, Nick Lenzi shares some creative strategies his groups recently used to make a significant impact in reaching their community, as well as practical ideas for how your groups can do the same.

Nick Lenzi is the Groups Director at Hoboken Grace in Hoboken, NJ. Prior to moving into full time ministry, Nick worked on Wall Street as a Trade Support Analyst. He spends his free time with his wife Erika of 4 years, together they enjoy attending comedy shows, concerts and people watching in New York City. Nick has a passion for seeing people get connected into authentic biblical community and helping them take their next step. He is also currently serving as the Mid Atlantic Regional Director for the Small Group Network. You can connect with Nick on Twitter @nicklenzi

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