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Group Talk

Jul 28, 2021


This month we take a break from reading to tackle the breakout TV show Ted Lasso. We have so much to learn from Ted Lasso. He’s the ideal small group point person. He’s humble, curious, and timely. My guest, Ben Reed, and I break down three key lessons we've learned from the show and how they are...

Jul 14, 2021

How do we move from a homogenous church or group to one that welcomes full participation of people from different ethnicities? Why is it so important for churches to reflect their communities and be ethnically integrated as a reflection of the full Gospel? What can we do in our small groups to help create safe spaces...

Jul 7, 2021

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10 Things that for easy engagement ANY Small Group Pastor can do
1 Being on Time
2 Work Ethic
3 Effort
4 Body Language
5 Energy
6 Attitude
7 Passion
8 Being Coachable
9 Doing Extra
10 Being...