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Group Talk

Oct 28, 2020

This month on Reading Lenz we cover Canoeing the Mountain by Tod Bolsinger. Join us as we learn how to navigate uncharted territory of small group ministry.
To help carry the canoe over the mountain, this week's guest Small Group Network's own Northeast Regional Leader Kiersten Telzerow. Kiersten is also the Groups...

Oct 21, 2020

The leadership journey requires a clear destination, otherwise we aren’t on a journey we’re just wandering around. Small groups have always been portrayed as an integral part of making discipleship. But what does that even mean? We use words like, “disciple” and “discipleship” but most of the time it’s...

Oct 14, 2020

Dr. David Wang is a licensed psychologist and associate professor of psychology and pastoral counseling at the Rosemead School of Psychology, at Biola University. He is the editor of the Journal of Psychology and Theology and serves on the editorial board for Spirituality in Clinical Practice (an APA journal). He also...

Oct 7, 2020

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Following the turn of the century, sociologist Chaeyoon Lim, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin at Madison, and his associate, political scientist Robert Putnam, Ph.D., Harvard University, demonstrated that religious people...